A Quick Welcome

msft_logo_rgb_c-gray-3b156229I’m new to Microsoft.

Check out the “About” page to learn a little more background as to my journey that has got me to this point, however one of the things I came to love in my old job at St Andrew’s College was blogging. I did a fair bit of it around technology and eLearning that you can read about here, and I figured that in my new role with Microsoft I’d try and do the same thing.

My goal will be to blog about various MSFT technologies that I come across and often put an educational spin on them, how they might be used within the classroom or by educators in general. In time, this should become a pretty handy resource for both myself and others to refer to.

So, feel free to follow along either on Twitter ([twitter-follow screen_name=’samuelmcneill’ show_count=’yes’]) or subscribe on the right to receive an update each time I post something here.


I am always keen to discuss what I've written and hear your ideas so leave a reply here...

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