Tips & Tricks: PowerBI Slicer Settings

This is the first of what I hope to be many quick and easy tips and tricks with various technologies I learn along the way.

I’ve been working my way through the free edX Analyzing and Visualizing Data with PowerBI Course  and I learnt something new about PowerBI Slicers (something I thought I was pretty familiar with already). The trainer described slicers as “on canvas visualization filters” which I thought was quite apt and he then showed how you can change them from being vertical to horizontal.

This is how I would typically have used a slicer:

Vertical Slicer.png

Slicer with the default vertical configuration

In the above, you can see the circled tick boxes and the default vertical configuration on the right hand side. By changing this to horizontal, the visual looks far more like a button than it does a check box:

Horizontal Slicer.png

The same slicer, this time with a horizontal configuration

Clearly, the second option takes up more space in the above example, however on some reports it would be far more likely to work visually as buttons rather than check boxes.

Reminder: to get in and change this you need to select the slicer on the canvas, go to the visualizations menu on the right and then click the paintbrush / rollerbrush and look under ‘General’ settings for this visualization.

Happy visualizing!

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