Recording Self-Paced Lessons in OneNote


OneNote is one of the most popular tools being used in education today and a major reason for this is because of how intuitive it is to create content.

Most teachers and students are familiar with Microsoft Word and it is this familiarity and simplicity that attracts them to OneNote. Having a rich desktop interface to easily drag and drop or cut and paste into is a terrific starting point, but being able to easily insert video or audio clips on the fly takes it to the next level. It is this type of functionality that allows educators to very quickly create self-paced lessons which could be very handy in situations such as:

  • The teacher is away on sick for a day. They could easily create the appropriate lessons in OneNote for the relief teacher to guide the students through.
  • Extended periods of disruption such as Tournament Weeks in secondary schools when often teachers and students are coming and going.

Having the self-paced lesson to work through for students, along with the ease of providing feedback and marking, make this a great way to reduce workload and stress during these times. In the guided tutorial below, teachers are walked through how to create a self-paced lesson for their students:


Make sure you keep watching right to the end, as it gives some great examples in different curriculum areas including:

  • Music
  • Social Studies
  • Languages (Spanish)
  • Mathematics (Geometry)

You can find other creative ways to use OneNote at the fantastic OneNote For Teachers website.

Lastly, if you liked the interactive nature of the tutorial above that showed precisely where you should click to use the various features in OneNote, then check out the Microsoft Innovative Educators platform that has more tutorials like this.

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