Great Example Of OneNote Class Notebooks In A School

I’m linking to a great success story from Klein Forest High School in Houston, Texas, which recently deployed OneNote Class Notebooks across subjects in the secondary school.

You can read the full blog post here.

It’s worth reading in detail for the approach and how they opted to roll it out:

To prepare for our summer trainings, we decided to actively “promote” OneNote. We visited PLC meetings, made infographics, emailed the details out and posted on our website. During the summer of 2016, we provided professional development for our staff introducing OneNote and had them participate as students using a Class Notebook that we had created. Most of them fell in love with it on the spot. We also had the teachers who piloted OneNote during the previous year assist with staff development for additional buy-in.


Once school started this August, things got off to a slower start than we anticipated. Teachers were falling into old habits. Therefore, we decided to switch our approach from marketing to grassroots. We targeted specific teachers who we felt were catalysts, teachers that would share our sentiments. This proved to be successful because—just like we suspected—it spread like wildfire!

There is also an embedded Sway showing how OneNote Class Notebooks are being used across the various subject areas

What is exciting from this story is that teachers were sharing the benefits with their colleagues directly – almost a viral deployment. I’ve seen this first hand in schools I’ve worked in where OneNote was deployed and when you have teachers creating resources for their colleagues to help them use the tools better, you know you’ve won. From the blog:

Another staff member, an ELL teacher, used it with his students who are new to the country and learning the English language. He was drawn to the Learning Tools add-in. He saw vast improvements in the students’ writing and language acquisition over time. He even made some tutorial videos as a supplemental resource for our teachers ready to jump in.

Once again, do take a moment to read the entire blog post here.

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