STEM Jobs Of Tomorrow

Both the Education and the Technology sectors are full of buzz words and acronyms, with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) being one of the biggest ones out there.

This morning I’ve returned from a couple of weeks of vacation and seen a new website aimed at linking the jobs of the future with STEM:

The interesting part of this, for me, is that it’s powered by currently advertised roles on LinkedIn. You can choose two of your passions and it will then show you some possible jobs.


You may not know it yet, but your interests today could be a science,technology, engineering or math (STEM) job of tomorrow.With insights from LinkedIn, explore jobs that can help you change the world.

selection of passions.PNG

By clicking on two of the above areas of interest, possible jobs are shown based off current listings on LinkedIn

I chose Sports and Technology when trying this out and was presented with the following:

sports tech.PNG

The stats are pretty sobering:

By 2018, it is projected that 2.4 million STEM jobs will go unfilled. Today, 42% of open STEM jobs on LinkedIn require computer science or coding skills.

No matter your passion, computer science skills can help you make a change in the world. Start exploring resources to gain these skills today.

From an education perspective, it is vital that our students of today are getting the skills they will need for tomorrow. If you work in education or have kids of your own, encourage them to check out the above website and receive some ideas about future careers based on their current passions, as well as possibly some motivation to stay connected in the STEM skills.

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