Using e-Discovery In Microsoft Teams

With many schools trialing Microsoft Teams in anticipation of the new school year in 2018, I’m having quite a few questions asked around security and also visibility of “teacher-to-teacher” chats, but also “teacher-to-student” and “student-to-student” chats.

The great news is that Microsoft Teams is fully compliant with Microsoft’s e-Discovery tools to deliver enterprise level compliance and security. The above video provides a good example of how this works (albeit, from a corporate perspective) but this is important to know for schools as well that it is easy to search, collect and store relevant data and communications from within Teams.

There is no substitute for continuing to educate both teaching faculty and students about Digital Citizenship, but it’s reassuring to know that when a security audit does need to be conducted, Teams is fully compliant with e-Discovery.

Note: to conduct e-Discovery searches for content like this the user needs to be an Office365 Administrator.

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