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Last month I recorded a 35minute webinar about Minecraft:Education Edition with my colleagues Anne Taylor (Teacher Engagement Manager) and Crispin Lockwood (Microsoft Learning Consultant). You can register and view the webinar here:


We deliberately started the webinar in a very simple way assuming the viewer knew nothing about Minecraft:Education Edition whatsoever and Anne walked through how to get started and also what resources were available to support educators and students to get started.

In the second half of the webinar, Crispin and I demonstrated how the game can be played, from a basic maths lesson on fractions and decimals, through to using MakeCode.com to build a TNT Cannon before using Mixed Reality to export a model from Minecraft:Education Edition and display it in the room.


Crispin demonstrating how Minecraft works in a Maths lesson

The ability to export models from Minecraft:EE and use in Mixed Reality is a great feature that really appeals to students and I demonstrated this at the Microsoft Elevate event in Auckland this month, where we took the Beehive model we built in MakeCode.com and touched it up in Paint3D before projecting it amongst our audience. I first started experimenting with exporting models in my own time and taking the odd selfie photo:


A model church exported from Minecraft:EE and projected onto my desk using Mixed Reality

If you’re new to Minecraft:Education Edition and wondering how you can integrate this into your teaching and learning then I strongly encourage you to check out this webinar where Anne, Crispin and myself walk through how to get started with downloading the game and finding pre-built lessons to engage your students in game based learning. Simply click the link below to get watching:



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