Digital Citizenship & Protecting Students Online

I came across this video today and thought it was timely to share given the focus on Mark Zuckerberg and his testimony to the US Congress about the Cambridge Analytica  scandal that has dominated certain parts of the news cycle recently.

Digital Citizenship remains a tricky subject – it’s a message that needs to be constantly reinforced for all students on a regular basis (and adults too, to be honest!). As children engage with social media at younger ages, increased personal data is shared online and many companies explicitly share this data with third parties.

The video above highlighted a critical point for me:

People, both students and adults, will often willingly share information or perform online in a way they would never do in front other people in the same room. This lack of inhibition, in both actions and words, has the potential to lead to serious ramifications for individuals and organisations.

Watching the children in the video grow increasingly uncomfortable, refuse to sing or dance like they willing did online, before actively asking to leave the interview reinforced the above observation. If you’re a Facebook user, then this is a good video to watch “Take This Lollipop” as it has become something of a cultural icon for Digital Citizenship

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