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TeamsI have completed a number of courses via edX, an online training platform originally founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012.

The model of learning is easy, flexible and self-paced and best of all, the courses are generally all free. That said, if you wish to certify your knowledge and training you can pay for the exam and certification to provide evidence of professional development and proven skills in a certain area.

This morning I was made aware of a course providing training in the management of Microsoft Teams:


To enroll in the free edX course click below:

Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams

Course Outline:

In this course you will learn how to enable Microsoft Teams in Office 365.  The course illustrates the value of Teams collaboration and includes tips and tricks for getting the most of out of Teams.

You will also learn how to configure Teams. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Enable users
  • Configure Teams settings
  • Plan for network usage
  • Configure voice functionality

The course also discusses advanced configuration of Teams including compliance and calling features. The course is intended for IT professionals that manage an Office 365 deployment.

What you’ll learn

  • Enable users for Microsoft Teams
  • Configure Microsoft Teams
  • Configure audio conferencing with Teams.
  • Best practices for using Microsoft Teams

Cost of Certification:

If you want to certify your completion of this course the cost is USD$99.

Given the course is being run by product managers of Skype and Teams from within Microsoft itself you know you’re getting the best practice guidelines for managing Teams in your Institution. Again, you can sign up for the course here.

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