Custom HTML Report On Office365 Powered By PowerShell

My first jobs in IT required significant Command Line Interface  (CLI) experience, to the point I started using Fedora Core 2 as my desktop of choice, and doing administration on various versions of Linux, from Debian, to RedHat, to CentOS and finally the ubiquitous Ubuntu. Funnily enough (in hindsight), I even explored Yellow Dog Linux, a distro aimed at running on PowerPC based Apple Macs (long before the Intel CPU days!).

In that light, I’m thrilled that PowerShell has become such a major part of administration in the Windows world now and just last week I listened to, and blogged about, this awesome presentation from the Godfather of PowerShell: Jeffrey Snover.

Earlier today I came across this awesome blog from The Lazy Administrator showing how to build a custom HTML report on your O365 Tenant using the PowerShell module ReportHTML:

Read the original blog post here.


Exemplar HTML dashboard. Credit

If you’re an IT admin managing O365 this could be worth exploring given you can customise and tweak what you want out of it. I know O365 has a bunch of PowerBI reports to give you a lot of this information already but, just like my adventures with Yellow Dog Linux, sometimes you just want to tweak it your own way.

Hope this is useful and full credit to The Lazy Administrator for sharing his awesome work.

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