Introduction To Paint 3D

Paint3D is one of those cool apps that allow you to completely unlock your inner creativity and explore like a kid again.

However if, like me, you lack inspiration or you just need a bit of guidance on how to take a 2D object and turn it into a 3D interactive model, then you should definitely check out the following:

Introduction to Paint 3D


As you can see, the course is part of the Microsoft Education Community (MEC) and is 17 courses split across 5 modules dealing with topics such as:

  • Overview and Intro to Paint 3D
  • Selecting & Cropping Content
  • Brushes, colours, materials, stickers and textures
  • Manipulating models in 3D spaces
  • Uploading and sharing models in Remix 3D, and printing 3D Models

Like all courses on the Microsoft Education Community, you can sit a quiz at the end of the session to obtain a batch as a micro-credential and proof of further ongoing learning.

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