Building a PowerApp with Flow and PowerBI Reporting

An interesting video showing how to easily build an educational focused app using the PowerApp function in Office365 and combining with Flow and PowerBI for reporting.

The actual discussion begins around the 11minute mark where the PowerApp is explained. Whilst this is a pretty simple app there is some interesting functionality included in it such as:

  • Timers measuring the response time for each question – an interesting insight into thinking/engagement from students
  • Instant feedback – visualisations for students if they’ve obtained the correct response or not
  • Score tallying and reporting via PowerBI, either at a class level, or an individual student.

Daniel Christian (author of the app) said it took him about 20hrs total to learn how to use PowerApps, Flow and PowerBI to build this and he has no background in coding at all.

I could see this perhaps being more interesting applied to student/staff surveys or even on open days where future student registration could be easily collected and reported on using PowerBI from a simple PowerApp.

Colleague Shoutouts App Example

Another cool PowerApp example is the exemplar below:


This cool app allows you to search for your colleague, select a customisable reason for recognizing them (this could be aligned with your school or organisational goals) and then send them a thank you.

Two features of this really appeal to me:

  1. The colleague’s line manager is Cc’ed on the email meaning their boss is getting the recognition which really helps in large organisations where you may not actually know who your colleague reports to.
  2. It creates a “wall” or “feed” of congratulations highlighting how your entire organisation are recognizing each other. This can be a really rewarding experience to browse through these and see the nice things people are saying about each other.

If you’re interested in implementing the Colleague Shoutout PowerApp, then the code and instructions are here.

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