Driving Personalized & Engaged Student Learning In Higher Education with Microsoft Teams, Bots & Azure Cognitive Services

UPDATE 19th July – some additional links around this work at UNSW were provided to me by Ray Fleming

This is from the 2019 Microsoft Ready CoreNote with Satya Nadella and Professor David Kellerman showing how he has connected 500 students in first year Engineering courses at the University of New South Wales through clever use of Microsoft Teams, Bots & Azure Cognitive Services.

This is a story I’ve been aware of for a while and also shown to numerous Higher Education institutes over the last week and they’ve been hugely impressed and interested in how they can replicate this sort of outcome with Microsoft Teams.

For some background videos, I suggest you check out:


From these, you can really start to get a sense of the possibilities of these platforms for changing the way students learn and engage in that learning journey.

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