Webinar: Moving A School To The Cloud With M365 Education

Technology is a great servant of pedagogy

imagesToday I hosted a webinar with Aaron Overington, the IT Manager at Oneschool Global NZ and we discussed his two year journey of moving the IT infrastructure he manages into the cloud. He achieved much of this using the solutions inside the Microsoft 365 Education suite and he went into detail around the planning, objections raised (and countered!), proof of concepts and ultimately the delivery and completion of this project.

I started this blog post with the quote above because, whilst there is a lot of technical discussion in this webinar, if you listen closely to Aaron talking you hear that his driving motivation is to ensure he contributes towards the best possible learning environment for the teachers and students of Oneschool Global NZ, that will result in the highest learning outcomes possible. It’s very important, in my mind, not to lose sight of that outcome because when done well, technology should fade into the background of effective learning scenarios.

This digital transformation journey took Aaron and his team approximately two years from the genesis of his vision through to the completion of the execution and included the powering down of all the on-premise servers across the multiple campuses he supported throughout New Zealand in January 2019:

LinkedIn - Project Done!

Webinar Recording:

We recorded the webinar using Microsoft Teams (I forgot to hit record so missed the first minutes!) and you can watch it here:

Some Key Points Of Interest:

The following points are time stamped – click the link that interests you and it will launch in YouTube on that topic.

Slide Deck From Webinar:

Aaron kindly agreed to share his deck from the session and you can view this below:

My Point of View:

I’m hugely grateful to Aaron and the team at Oneschool Global NZ for sharing their journey on this webinar and allowing the recording and deck to be shared after the event as well.  Oneschool Global NZ has a reasonably unique set of requirements in terms of close management of applications, content and network filtering for users across a geographically diverse set of campuses. Through the use of M365 Education Aaron was able to move the school’s IT infrastructure completely to the cloud and keep it integrated with their cloud LMS (Canvas), video conferencing solution (Zoom) and cloud Student Management System (Edge Learning Solutions).

In completing this project, Aaron was able to achieve significant cost and resource savings for the school and deliver a more efficient platform to drive teaching and learning outcomes for the teachers to leverage and the students to benefit from.

Ultimately, this is the key message from this story in my view: technology remains a great servant to pedagogy and, when deployed effectively, can truly accelerate the digital transformation of an organisation.

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