PODCAST: #EDUTECHTALKS #3 – Cultivating Global Collaboration In Education With Don Carlson

The third podcast between Amit Pawar and myself in our #eduTechTalks series is now available on Spotify – click below to listen or here to launch.

There is also a FaceBook Page here where you can follow along and get updates on that platform if you prefer.

In this podcast we talk with Don Carlson, the Director of Education for Microsoft in Asia Pacific (who happens to be the boss of Amit and myself!) as he shares his experienced insights into the education sector. In particular, he highlights the shift he has seen where the Ministries of Education now get the reasoning for the “why” they need to digitally transform, and instead are now asking “how” do we do this most effectively.

To achieve this successfully, it must be about the people and not just about the technology.

Enjoy the podcast and please share any feedback or questions in the comments below.


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