Video Editing In Education On Windows 10

I’ve previously worked as a Social Sciences teacher and know that every teacher has needed to complete video editing at some point. Whether this is capturing the best moments from a school camp or field trip into a video to show in assembly, or collating all the most exciting shots from an athletics day or swimming sports to show parents, a quick and easy way to make a compelling video is incredibly useful.

Of course, students love to make video presentations for assignments to show their learning as well, so having a built in video editor in Windows 10 makes it very easy for both educators and students to achieve their goals. An example of a video made entirely in Video Editor is the latest “What’s new in Edu?” – check it out below:

That’s a pretty good looking video!

Getting Started With Video Editor in Windows 10

If you’re wondering how to get started, simply hit the Windows key and start typing “Video Editor”:

Video Editor

To start, there are a few resources I’d recommend:

Of course, it makes sense in this visual age that Video Editor also has video tutorials on how to use some of the most popular features, and you can follow the YouTube Channel here. A couple of favourites from me:

Adding Special Effects:

Adding Background Music:

Video Editor How-To Guide For Educators

Last, but certainly not least, is the how to guide for educators which has detailed instructions on how to use the Video Editor

Download Video_Editor_How_To_Guide

Students can automatically create quick videos with music, or customize their movie with narration, filters, and 3D effects to bring learning to life. Through this process they can develop creativity with the power of video storytelling and leverage 3D effects and Digital Inking within their films.

As I touched on at the start, educators often need to create video newsletters, training materials, and recaps from special events along with movies to engage and inform their class – Video Editor is perfect for this.

New Features In Video Editor

Recently, the Video Editor team has added a number of top requested features such as:

  • Split Video and Precision Trim so students and educators have fine-grained controls frame by frame and can break apart video clips easily.
  • Add from web allows students to get photos from the Bing Image Search and insert them directly into a storyboard complete with Creative Commons captioning to support digital citizenship.
  • Backup Projects with this, Educators can easily back up a project to save video projects in progress and share them as templates with their class. Importantly,  students can back up group projects between devices and classmates.
  • Improved navigation with Thumbnails and Multi-select save valuable classroom time to get films produced efficiently

My Thoughts

From first hand experience, I know how useful it is to have an easily accessible video editor on every device – whether it is your personal teacher laptop or computers your students have access to in your classroom or school.

Since Windows Movie Maker is no longer available or bundled with Windows, it’s awesome to see Video Editor to continue to evolve as a built-in application for quickly making great looking videos. If you’ve not tried it, give it a go!

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