Video: Microsoft’s Vision For Windows 10 In Education

Jordan Chrysafidis outlines the Microsoft Vision

I’m posting this three minute video from Jordan Chrysafidis where he outlines the Microsoft strategy of devices in education for hybrid and remote learning. He outlines the focus on three key areas:

  1. Better Learning Outcomes
    1. Assistive Technologies
    2. Cognitive Services
    3. Pen and Touch
  2. Comprehensive Security and Privacy
    1. Classroom Security
    2. Multi Factor Authentication
    3. Built-in Threat Protection
  3. Built for Remote and Hybrid Learning
    1. Range of devices across form factors and price points
    2. Devices + Services
    3. Deployment + Management

It’s a quick video and worth checking out to see the vision for Windows 10 in Education. To learn more, check out

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