Sharing: To AAD Join Or Not … That Is The Question

UPDATE 20th June 2022: I found this great article on AzureAD SSO from “Eric on identity” discussing the relative benefits of Hybrid AzureAD Join (HADDJ) vs AzureAD Seamless SSO. Whilst Eric’s encouragement is to go native AADJ, he talks through the benefits of hybrid joins, so I’m sharing it again here as an alternative perspective. Back to the original post now….

This morning I’m sharing a great article from Michael Hildebrand that proves once again that Shakespeare was truly ahead of his time! This time, Michael adapts Hamlet’s immortal question:

To be, or not to be. That is the question!


Taking it in a slightly more modern direction with:

To AADJ or not …. That is the question!

Michael Hildebrand

You can read the full article here (and I always encourage reading the original article for context) but in essence Michael makes a strong case for going away from Hybrid Azure AD Joined devices and using the device refresh cycle as the time to embrace a natively Azure AD Joined approach instead.

The article is a 5min read and if you’re responsible for managing devices in your organization I’d strongly encourage you to do it.

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