OneNote Class Notebook Updates – Easily Review Student Work

OneNote-class-notebooks.pngOneNote continues to be the leading light in the Office365 suite for schools and the Class Notebook is a big reason for this. It’s pleasing to see that constant development is happening in this product and Microsoft released new features this week. Pleasingly, these include some of the most requested features from teachers such as:

  • Easily see when students have started their work in a distributed page or assignment.
  • Quickly see which pages you, the teacher, have already reviewed.
  • See if a student added any new content after a teacher has already reviewed or graded a page

You can read the full release here

You may also be unaware that there is increased support for OneNote Class Notebooks and a range of Learning Management Systems (LMS). This video has a good intro:

If you have a compatible LMS then you can now run tightly integrated assessment through OneNote which is an attractive feature for most teachers.

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