Updates for OneNote Class Notebook, Learning Tools and Office Lens—plus stickers!


Screen shot of updates to OneNote Online

Another major release from the Microsoft Education team this morning, focusing on more updates for OneNote Class Notebooks, the popular Learning Tools as well as adding some fun with stickers for teachers to motivate students with.

Read the official announcement here.

The summary updates include (my observations in italics):

  • The availability of Class Notebook Tools on more platforms.
    • Having these available in OneNote Online means virtually any device can now benefit from these, even if they don’t have the OneNote desktop client installed
  • Updates for Learning Tools for OneNote—new languages and more.
    • Seeing these reading comprehension tools extendede to Word (both Desktop in Word 2016 and Word Online means even more students will be able to benefit)
  • The ability for teachers to give stickers to students in their Class Notebooks.
    • We have all seen how popular emoji have become in virtually every form of digital communication, from emails to text messages through to social media posts. Now teachers can add stickers to student NoteBooks.
  • New embeddable content types from partners.
  • Updates for the OneNote Class Notebook and LMS.
  • The availability of Office Lens for iPad, including Learning Tools.
    • Lens is a neat tool that has lots of benefits for students taking photos of whiteboards, screens and other content and offering some basic improvements on viewing. Nice to see it on the iPad at last.

I’ll be exploring these updates in more detail in the coming weeks and post back any nice features I see.


Embedded content with stickers being displayed

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