Maker Project: 3-in-1 Surface Pro Dock

I really admire creative people who can make things out of nothing, mostly because I am pretty limited in this space myself! That said, we are all “life long learners” and it’s cool to see some other Microsoft employees creating a “Garage Project” around an eye level dock for the Surface Pro device.

Full instructions on how to make one yourself are included here along with some cool images of the finished product:

“This project is for avid Makers who enjoy hacking hardware to create a custom solution. The dock design was first conceptualized at a Surface sponsored Hackathon,” explains John Socha-Leialoha, a senior software engineer with Azure. “We love Surface, and we had a hypothesis that people want to use Surface at eye level in portrait mode. This dock, like other Garage projects, is an experiment we are making available to see how customers respond.”

I know a few schools where the teachers and students use Surface Pro devices and this could be a fun maker project to really add value when larger screens are required.

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