Differences In OneNote – Cross Platform Support

One of the coolest things about Microsoft OneNote is that it is on virtually any platform or Operating System you choose to use these days. That can, however, lead to some confusion as to whether key features you’ve come to know and love and rely on in your daily workflows is available or not.

Thankfully, there is a table for that!

I’ve just come across this comparison table that provides an overview of supported features in OneNote on the following platforms:

  • OneNote for Windows 10
  • OneNote 2016/2013 (Office365)
  • OneNote Online (Browser version)
  • OneNote for Mac
  • OneNote for iPad
  • OneNote for iPhone
  • OneNote for Android Tablet
  • OneNote for Android Phone

Click here to see the full comparison table

Onenote comparisons.PNG

This is only a screenshot of some of the features – visit the link above to see ALL the features in the comparison table.

The above table also indicates when new features are coming e.g. the ability to insert forms into OneNote on an iPad is coming in November 2017.

I suspect this list will be continually updated so it’s worth keeping an eye on if you work in a cross-platform environment so you know what students / staff will be able to see and do in OneNote, not matter what their device.

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