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OneNotePDWith the end of the school year rapidly approaching for those in the southern hemisphere, thoughts of summative assessment followed by a holiday typically dominate the minds of teachers.

In my previous role as an ICT Director at St Andrew’s College I started using the month of November to provide professional development to teachers, particularly those senior teachers who had reduced class loads because their students had left to revise for and sit the national external examinations. Prior to launching our BYOD program I introduced staff to the SAMR model (looking at the date of that blog post, I can’t believe it was four years ago!) and it was through these sessions that I realized end-of-year professional development could be very effective, particularly for senior teachers in high schools.

With this in mind, I see there is going to be a virtual/online OneNote Conference running between November 7-13th with a strong emphasis on education:

More than 25 speakers will be sharing—via video—how they use OneNote to be productive in business and in education. These 20 to 30 minute videos dive deep into real ways you can use OneNote in the real world, shown by OneNote fans just like you. This is a free online event during the dates of November 7th to November 13th, 2017. Visit Learn OneNote Conference to register for free.

You can see more at the official conference URL here:

There is an impressive list of sessions on offer, as you can see:

  1. Getting Started with OneNote and Class Notebooks
  2. Why Class Notebook?
  3. Embedding Interactive Elements into OneNote and How They are Used in my Classroom
  4. Staff OneNote, Class OneNote and Collaboration Administration and Permissions
  5. Flipped Lessons Using a Class Notebook Platform
  6. Making Learning Fun with Game-Based Learning and OneNote
  7. Using OneNote in Education for E-Portfolios
  8. OneNote Student Avengers, Unite!
  9. Bringing Joy to Learning: It all STEMs from OneNote!
  10. Teaching Using OneNote
  11. OneNote: The Ultimate New Teacher Training Tool
  12. Teaching Math with OneNote
  13. OneNote and GeoGebra – Creating Interactive Learning Resources
  14. Dealing with Diverse Learners Using OneNote
  15. ​The Future of OneNote in Education
  16. Flipgrid and OneNote Integration

If you can’t make all the sessions you can certainly follow along with the Twitter hashtag of #LONC17

If you’re leading Professional Development around eLearning and pedagogy then I strongly encourage you to attend these sessions and distribute this to your staff so they can tune in for the sessions most applicable to them.



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