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Last November I linked to the free OneNote Online training that was being co-ordinated by Jared DeCamp and I had very positive feedback about these sessions from the educators that tuned in for them.

I see Jared’s now organising a new event that will run from April 3rd to 7th 2018 focusing on how to get the best out of Microsoft Teams For Education.

Click here to see the event page

I’ve blogged a lot about Teams including:

This five day event looks like it is going to walk users through Teams in a guided approach, starting with the basics and then developing more advanced concepts:

  1. Day One: Getting started with Teams
  2. Day Two: Working with Teams
  3. Day Three: Innovate with Teams
  4. Teams and beyond!
  5. Real-world case studies of using Teams

There is going to be live Q&A and a hashtag running for the event on #LTC18 so encourage you to tune in. You can see the full agenda here.

In my experience, these ‘on demand’ events can prove very valuable for educators as they can pick and choose the most relevant sessions and then watch them at a time that best suits their schedules. If you’re responsible for driving the uptake of Microsoft Teams For Education in your school, then it could be a good idea to get this in your calendar and encourage your staff to identify relevant sessions for them.

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