Managing Microsoft Teams More Effectively With PowerShell (Now In General Availability)

UPDATE 30th April 2019 I saw this great tweet from the Microsoft Teams Twitter handle broadcasting some great IT Architecture of MS Teams posters:

I’ll include links to these in the post below.

powershellBack in December 2017 I posted about using PowerShell to manage Microsoft Teams which, at that time, was in beta/preview only. I see this week that the PowerShell cmdlets are now in GA (General Availability) making this a great way for IT Admins to manage their Teams in a consistent and unified manner.

From the release:

As a Global Administrator or Teams Service Administrator, you can identify and manage teams on behalf of your users, and make bulk updates to teams faster – including changing memberships or managing team settings. This new version of our module leverages only 1.0 Graph APIs.

For an overview of using PowerShell in Teams check out the official documentation here and if you want to jump to the cmdlets immediately, see here.

It’s worth noting that the following cmdlets are supported in our generally available module, and some additional cmdlets are available concurrently in beta/preview mode.

Cmdlet Description
Connect-MicrosoftTeams Connects an authenticated account to use for Microsoft Teams environment
Disconnect-MicrosoftTeams Disconnects from the Microsoft Teams environment
Get-Team Retrieves teams with particular properties or information
Get-TeamChannel Gets all the channels for a team
Get-TeamHelp Provides a list of commands for Microsoft Teams
Get-TeamUser Returns the users of a specific team
New-Team Provisions a new Team, or converts a group to a team
New-TeamChannel Adds a new channel to a team
Add-TeamUser Adds an owner or member to the team
Remove-Team Deletes a team
Remove-TeamChannel Delete a channel
Remove-TeamUser Removes an owner or member from a team
Set-Team Updates properties of a team
Set-TeamChannel Update Team channel information

NOTE: given most of the readers of this blog tend to be in the Education space it’s worth noting that the “template” parameter used to set the type of Education Team (Class, PLC etc) in the “New-Team” cmdlet appears to be remaining in beta/preview:


Note: this parameter is not supported in our 1.0 PowerShell release, only in Preview.

If you have an EDU license, you can use this parameter to specify which template you’d like to use for creating your group. Do not use this parameter when converting an existing group.

Valid values are: “EDU_Class” or “EDU_PLC”

Nevertheless, seeing this move out of beta/preview and into general availability is a great sign, and further indication that Microsoft Teams is becoming mainstream for organisations the world over.

IT Architecture Posters for MS Teams

The direct download link for these posters can be obtained from here and I’ve added them as files here:

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