Take Your Files (& email!) With You Using OneDrive Graduation

Graduate.PNGThis post shares another answer to commonly asked questions from schools I engage with:

How do students take their files with them when they graduate?

Here is the answer in a Tweet from the inimitable Mike Tholfsen:

The direct link to the guides are here:

OneDrive.com Graduation

What Is Included?

What Is Missing?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given this is a OneDrive tool, it does not include any sort of email migration which would be super handy. For a student to be able to migrate their email history from their school Office365 account to an Outlook.com account would complete this Graduation Tool nicely.

The good news is, there are plenty of options for importing email from other provides like Gmail and if you wanted to bring your O365 email from school into your outlook.com account then simply go to settings (direct link here) and select “Sync Email”:

Sync email 1

Choose “Other email accounts” and enter your O365 Credentials:

Sync email 2

You’ll notice there are two options above in terms of importing the email from the “old” school account to appear in the matching folders in the new @outlook.com account such creating a combined inbox, sent folder etc. This is more streamlined but many students may like to keep their school email separate from their new account and can create a subfolder structure by choosing the second option – this ends up looking as follows:

Sync email 3.PNG

In case you’re wondering, the bob@minecraft.sammcneill.me is a real O365 email address in a demo tenant I set up (expires soon) so it proves you can pull through the email from O365 to Outlook.

My Point of View:

This is a great move from the OneDrive.com team as it easily allows students to follow a simple step to take their important files and folders with them. Critically, the content from a OneNote Class NoteBook is often the main record of student learning and this is also guided in terms of how to move this.

As I’ve demonstrated above, it’s not hard for students to also move their school email on to their new account, providing a complete digital record of their learning and communication as they graduate into their next stage of education or into the workforce.

One more “end of year task” has now been simplified for educators and students alike!

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