Guest Post: Managing iOS / iPadOS Devices with Intune (Microsoft Endpoint Manager)

UPDATE 22nd April 2020: Matt has posted another blog around iOS and Intune/Endpoint Manager, this time around how to push apps out to the devices. You can read this here.

I’m always quick to acknowledge when someone has done an awesome blog post and today I’m sharing another one from Matt Soseman, whose work I’ve highlighted before on this blog, notably:

His most recent blog post was focused on using Intune to manage iOS and iPadOS devices – something I’ve also got a strong interest in and have previously blogged about extensively in a five part blog series co-authored by David Colville:

  1. Intune & iOS – Setting Up
  2. Intune & iOS – Adding iOS Devices Using Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
  3. Intune & iOS – Assign Applications To Devices
  4. Intune & iOS – Setting Up Profiles
  5. Intune & iOS – Building A Custom Profile

Intune Evolves Rapidly – New Blogs Are Needed!

Given the rapid rate of change with Intune (now called Microsoft Endpoint Manager), new and updated blog posts are required. If you need convincing on how rapidly Intune evolves, check out the weekly release notes…..

To that end, Matt’s latest blog post is very welcome and goes through in great detail how you can enroll and manage iOS and iPadOS devices using Intune:

Read Matt’s Blog Post Here

As Matt explains it,

When it comes to managing iOS and iPadOS devices within the organization, Microsoft Intune (aka Microsoft Endpoint Manager) has the capability to manage these devices via Mobile Device Management (MDM). This allows the operating system (OS) to be managed, fully customizing the device to the organization’s requirements.

Intune Interface to manage iOS and iPadOS devices

Need A Simpler Interface?

If the above guide from Matt is a little too complex, don’t forget that the simplified interface of Intune for Education allows for the full management of iOS and iPadOS devices too – read the documentation on how to do this here.

Again, if you want to read Matt’s blog post and the step by step guide, I really encourage you to check out his blog post here. Matt has also helpfully shared all the images in a single slide deck (without the instructions on his blog) that you can see below:

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