ChromeBooks Now Supported on Minecraft: Education Edition

UPDATE 11th August 2020 – The official launch blog is now available for you to read here:

I’ve blogged many times about Minecraft: Education Edition previously with perhaps the three most popular posts being:

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Now there is even more exciting news for K-12 education institutes:

Minecraft: Education Edition now supports ChromeBooks!

Right now, the program is still in Beta and you can get started with the guide here, but this change now means that the compatible devices that can run Minecraft: Education Edition include:

  • Windows 10
  • MacOS
  • iPadOS
  • ChromeBooks (New)

With the addition of ChromeBooks, the majority of devices used in K-12 education institutes are now covered.

Chromebook availability

Minecraft: Education Edition is now available from the Google Play Store as an Android app for Chromebook. This version of Minecraft: Education Edition offers the same set of features as other versions (Window, macOS and iPad) including cross-platform multiplayer.

I’ve had the opportunity to support a number of schools in a pilot of Minecraft: Education Edition on ChromeBooks and the feedback from them has been very positive, with the performance and experience of students playing Minecraft: Education Edition on their Chrome devices.

If You’re New To Minecraft: Education Edition …

Perhaps you’re here for the first time because you have ChromeBooks then I would definitely encourage you to check out the new eSports Framework that I blogged about here and you can watch the intro video here:

Secondly, make sure you check out the Lessons Library which has a huge range of lessons that can be searched by key word or curriculum area here:

Subject Kits

Thirdly, the “Build Challenges” are a fast start into getting students engaged in constructive tasks in Minecraft: Education Edition and are often the first teamwork goal that educators assign their students:

Build Challenges

If you want to see my own experiences of doing the Solar Build Challenge and reflecting on being a life long learner that I invite you to read this reflection.

Need To Get Trained?

If you’re new to Minecraft: Education Edition and want to get more training then check out:

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