OneNote Class NoteBook Tips for COVID19

onenote-class-notebooksNew Zealanders awoke this morning to learn that a staggered lockdown of the country was occurring due to new COVID19 infections meaning Auckland schools would be closing for the rest of the week at least.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to record a quick (7min) video showing how teachers can harness just a few features of the incredible power offered in OneNote Class NoteBooks

In the video below, I briefly:

  1. Intro the structure of a Class Notebook if you’re new to them
    1. Collaboration Space (teachers/students both have read/write permissions)
    2. Content Library (teacher has read/write permissions, students have read only)
    3. Teacher Only Section (teacher has read/write permissions, students are blocked completely)
    4. Student Notebooks (teacher has read/write permissions, students have read/write permissions only to their own notebook – classmate’s notebooks are hidden)
  2. Demonstrate the speed of synchronisation in the Collaboration Space
  3. Class Notebook Tools
    1. Distribute Page
    2. Review Page
    3. Lock Page

Why This Matters

Many teachers want to ensure that students can only work on content during a defined period of time, or even only in class. The ability to lock a page in OneNote gives teachers precisely that control and confidence that after the “due date” has passed, students can no longer modify or edit content on the defined page in OneNote.

Of course, this can also be managed using Microsoft Teams Assignments which is closer in experience to a traditional Learning Management System (LMS) but for formative assessment, the ability to use the locking feature in OneNote is quick and easy for most teachers and intuitive for students to see their work is now “locked”.

Keep safe and be kind to each other during this time and let’s continue to thank our incredible teachers and school leaders as they demonstrate themselves the attributes of a “life long learner” in picking up and effectively utilizing new tools for remote/hybrid teaching.

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