The Ultimate Collection of Intune / Endpoint Manager Resources For Education

Intune for Education

UPDATE 19th July 2021: added some additional interactive guides from Joe Cicerco showcasing common scenarios with MEM for Education (specifically, configuring Enterprise WiFi and wrapping .exe files for deployment) as well as an AutoPilot in Edu guide.

UPDATE 24th May 2021: added another section of third party blogs/resources that are helpful. Specifically today, a post to show how Win10 Location Finding services in Intune works.

Looking back over four years of blogging during my time at Microsoft, I realise I’ve made a couple of “Ultimate Collections of ….” blog posts and my rationale for these is very clear: if I can make a “one stop shop” for people to get resources and then keep that one blog post updated as things change, it becomes easier to simply refer customers and partners to that location. The two I currently have are:

  1. Ultimate Minecraft:Education Getting Started Guide
    1. This has proven incredibly popular, regularly on the ‘trending posts’ on my blog and whilst I’ve not added a heap to it recently, remains a great starting point for educators and IT admins alike.
  2. Ultimate Collection of Resources for Remote Learning With M365
    1. This was purely a response to the COVID19 pandemic and was being shared (and accessed) regularly during the first half of 2020 and seen as a go to collection for educators around the world.

Now, I’m always very clear that none of my blog posts should ever replace the official Microsoft Documentation and I always try to link back to this as the source of truth and guides to best practice. I’m also very clear that I try to indicate when changes / updates have occurred by adding a date stamp at the top of the blog post and then using the strikethrough of text when something is no longer relevant.

With this in mind, I’m going to start collating resources on this blog post and keep it updated over time and if I’m missing any obvious ones, please let me know in the comments below or ping me on @samuelmcneill

My Own Blog Posts

There are others, but the above are the more recent / in depth posts but to check the rest, simply click this link to search for Intune across by blog.

Video Resources

The Microsoft Intune for Education Deployment Workshop is a tremendous collection of 21 videos taking you through the deployment stages – click here to access the entire library Here is the embedded playlist:


This is a somewhat ‘catch all’ area for largely written documentation that should prove helpful – I’ll add a comment below each link to give you more guidance on what it is before you click the link.

Third Party Blogs / Resources

Partner Specific Content

There may be some overlap here between Documentation and content generated by MSFT specifically for Partners, but worth separating it out too:

People To Follow On Twitter / LinkedIn

A very incomplete list and in no ways ranked, but just some very knowledgable people you could learn from (as I do every day!)

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