Webinar: Cyber Security in the Education Industry

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of hosting a webinar with Abbas Kudrati and Amit Pawar where we discussed the state of security in education and what options were available to CISO and IT Admins to harden their security posture. IT was recorded and can still be watched on demand by registering here:


Over 80% of cyberattacks today target the #education industry. Why is this? How should institutions protect #privacy and #data? Join us for answers.

Microsoft tracks current active threats on a public website that you can access here and when broken down by industry, you can see that Education currently experiences nearly 83% of all cyberattack activity:

Cyberthreats, viruses, and malware – Microsoft Security Intelligence

The webinar discussion is wide ranging and draws on the extensive experience of Abbas Kudrati and includes topics such as:

  • Zero Trust – what is it, how to implement it
  • When it comes to Security procurement, is a platform solution or “point solution” preferable?
  • Some “go do” actions to immediately harden your security posture – chasing the low hanging fruit of instant impact, including embracing Microsoft Secure Score (something I blogged about recently)
  • Certification and training options for IT staff responsible for implementing security solutions (as well as ideas on training end users to better spot and report potential cyber attacks such as phishing)

It’s a lively 50min webinar and I do encourage you to check it out.

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